We hope you are all staying safe and healthy. While plans took a turn and pushed us in another direction there is still a lot we all can do to stay educated and keep supporting Surfrider’s mission of environmental protection. As the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed life for all of us, here are 6 big ways Surfrider is addressing the situation: 

1) Water Quality and COVID-19
Surfrider environmental scientist Katie Day’s article addresses beach water quality and how it relates to COVID-19. She describes the possibility of spread of the virus through recreational waterways and lays out the ways it may be able to enter them. The article ends with the best practices for staying safe.

2) Supporting Local Restaurants and OFRs
This article provides guidelines on how to safely get take-out while also keeping things sustainable. Choosing ocean friendly restaurants is a great way to reduce our environmental impact during a time when take-out is mandatory. 

3) CEO Address on COVID-19
Surfrider’s CEO, Dr. Chad Nelsen, shared a video addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. He identifies how to find information on Surfrider’s other Coronavirus related updates and reminds us all to respect the stay-at-home measures which will help us all get back to the beach as soon as possible. If your local beaches are open, please practice social distancing and avoid congregating in groups.

4) Staying Safe & Healthy at Home
Here you can find all the many ways you can stay #Oceanfriendly while staying at home to flatten the curve. This post also gives some great tips and ideas of things to do and ways to stay entertained while at home!

5) Reusables are still safe
Surfrider’s blog lets us know that using reusables can not only be safe, but remains a better option than single use plastics. It discusses the proper precautions you should take to make using your reusables safe in this time of pandemic.

6) Local Webinars
While our events are cancelled, many of the Surfrider chapters will be hosting webinars around local issues such as zero waste living, climate change, and more. For example go check out oahu.surfrider.org/events for more info about their series of webinars. This is just another way we can keep the fight against climate change going while we stay at home!

Hope you find this information helpful and that you can use it to keep practicing sustainability. Stay safe!